About EAPD.

What we do

EAPD use a technique known as therapeutic riding to achieve a variety of goals.

Therapeutic riding is a holistic therapy, delivering mental, physical and emotional benefits to the rider, rather than simply concentrating on one aspect of their needs.

History records people of determination riding horses in ancient Greece. Even then, it was acknowledged that riding was a way of improving the health. The ability to control a horse as well as one’s own body inspires self-responsibility.

From the beginning, riders learn balance, co-ordination and self-assurance while receiving therapeutic muscle stimulation. The aim is to improve poise, posture, strength and flexibility.

Riding is also an enjoyable experience, increasing the rider’s tolerance and motivation for prolonged activity. And exercise in the fresh air – away from hospitals and physical therapy equipment – is something of which the true value cannot be overstated.

The rider’s confidence is bolstered by mastering a skill normally performed by able-bodied people. While other psychological benefits can also be seen – including improved social and emotional intelligence, better communication skills, and the development of patience, emotional control, and self-discipline.

To volunteer here is actually 3-in-1 ! I can enjoy the beautiful, green, calm surroundings, do something for my body and mind, and help others! At the same time, I meet people with the same idea. It's just a wonderful experience every time.

Being involved here at the EAPD is a very rewarding experience. Seeing children blossom and gain confidence and motor skills is amazing. The setting is beautiful and tranquil, allowing the children to have a bit of quiet time as well.

Mujtaba enjoys his sessions at EAPD. His confidence level and self-esteem have built up. His posture has improved, and his communication skills have improved tremendously. Mujtaba’s overall muscle strength has increased. He knows the name of his horse and he waits eagerly every week to go to EAPD.

Yuzra's balance and posture has improved. She is very happy to mingle with people in EAPD. Her communication and social skills also show improvement.

Urpita comes down every Monday morning saying "Horse riding!" (with a big smile). Her balance has improved. Urpita’s trunk muscles are also strengthening with the exercise. She is now able to get down and climb up the steps of the bus independently.

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