The EAPD Team

Our team – a group dedicated to helping children of all ages to enjoy a better quality of life through therapeutic horseriding. Our instructors are certified with Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Int.).

Caroline Joyce Seemar


Andrea Felten

Barn Manager

Andrea Felten – born 1966- from Germany. Andrea moved to Dubai in 2006. She originally worked as physiotherapist, specialised in children as Bobath therapist. She joined the RDAD team in January 2012.

Stephanie Graf


Stephanie Graf – from Belgium. Stephanie is here pictured with Fabiana. Stephanie moved to Dubai in 2006 and joined RDAD in September 2013 as therapeutic riding instructor.

Liz Lee


Debbie Glass – RDAD instructor. Debbie is from the US and joined the RDAD team in April 2016. Here pictured with Max.

Wassim Akram


Wassim Akram – from India. Joined EAPD in 2020

Shahid Khan


Shahid Ali Khan – Groom – from India. Joined EAPD in 2020

Meet our horses


Sargent, an ex-riding school Connemara pony who was born in 1990 and joined EAPD in April 2018, is the sweetest and dearest horse you can imagine.

He is a friendly and affectionate little guy, easy with other horses. Nothing fazes Sargent and he takes everything in his stride.


Born in 1997, Christy is an ex-dressage and jumping horse, with a lovely caring character, and started working with EAPD in October 2017.

Thanks to her size and background she is a good weight carrier and the perfect mount for our more advanced riders.


Flo, born in 1998, is an ex riding school Connemara pony who started at EAPD April 2018.

Flo is a strong character who knows her own mind. She is full of energy and forward going but she is very protective with our kids and carries them carefully throughout the lessons.

Mr. Jingles

Born in 2002, Mr. Jingles was imported from the UK as a little riding pony and has been with EAPD since October 2016.

He is a clever, cheeky pony with a huge character who always keeps his cool and is good with other horses.

Charlie Brown

Born in 2003, Charlie was a private horse and donated to EAPD in April 2015.

Charlie has a lovely, cute face. He has a kind, calm temperament, who takes wonderful, gentle care of his rider. Simple, easy and very smart Charlie will win your heart in seconds.


Carmen joined EAPD in 2007 and was born in 1999. She is an ex-polo pony, originally imported from Holland.

Carmen is unbelievably calm and dependable and has never betrayed our trust even though she carries some of our more challenging riders.


Shaltisha is an Arab mare, born in 2003 and donated to EAPD in june 2011.

Our Arabic princess knows that she is beautiful but she is not big headed about it. She is very reliable and gentle with our kids and walks them carefully through the lessons.


Fabiana, born in 2001, is an ex polo pony. She came to EAPD in December 2010.

She is a calm, quiet, safe, reliable, honest and rather inconspicuous except for her stunning mane. A truly beautiful horse with a sole to match.


Max, our smallest pony, was born in 1998. He is an ex show pony imported from UK. He has been with EAPD since 2008.

He is a clever and very cheeky pony who can do tricks for carrots. When it comes to our kids he is unbelievably patient and loving, we can always rely on him to do excellent job, always at his own pace.

To volunteer here is actually 3-in-1 ! I can enjoy the beautiful, green, calm surroundings, do something for my body and mind, and help others! At the same time, I meet people with the same idea. It's just a wonderful experience every time.

Being involved here at the EAPD is a very rewarding experience. Seeing children blossom and gain confidence and motor skills is amazing. The setting is beautiful and tranquil, allowing the children to have a bit of quiet time as well.

Mujtaba enjoys his sessions at EAPD. His confidence level and self-esteem have built up. His posture has improved, and his communication skills have improved tremendously. Mujtaba’s overall muscle strength has increased. He knows the name of his horse and he waits eagerly every week to go to EAPD.

Yuzra's balance and posture has improved. She is very happy to mingle with people in EAPD. Her communication and social skills also show improvement.

Urpita comes down every Monday morning saying "Horse riding!" (with a big smile). Her balance has improved. Urpita’s trunk muscles are also strengthening with the exercise. She is now able to get down and climb up the steps of the bus independently.

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